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Who is Grand Trunk?

Based in Salt Lake City, Grand Trunk was born out of a love for adventure. We love to share our passion for travel and exploration of the unknown. We started this company to provide travelers with the tools to blaze their own trail. Since 2001 we have been proud to offer hammocks and outdoor gear that have become an essential part of adventures taking place all around the world!

Why should I buy Grand Trunk products?

First and foremost, our camping and travel gear is unmatched in quality. As passionate explorers ourselves, we know how important it is to bring only the essentials, and that every piece of equipment chosen to come along is not only dependable, but elevates the experience. We have no problem offering a Lifetime Guarantee, because we already know how solid & well-designed our gear is.

We are also conscientious travelers who have love and gratitude for this amazing world that we’re so lucky to be able to explore. We believe in paying it forward and leaving the world a better place for a new generation of adventurers. That’s why we dedicate a portion of every sale to worthy organizations in our global community. When you buy from GrandTrunk you don’t just support a company, you support a way of life that has the potential to bring us all closer.

Where are your products manufactured?

All of our travel & camping gear is designed right here in Salt Lake City, Utah and some remote locations in the US. Most products (with the exception of the USA Flag Hammock) are produced in factories in China and Vietnam. We have long standing relationships with the highest quality manufacturers that adhere to the highest standards of production with ethical working standards.


How much is delivery?

We offer free delivery on orders over £50. For orders under this amount, Standard Delivery is £3.99 (2-3 working days) and Express Delivery (next day) is £8.49

for more information on delivery click here.

Do you ship worldwide?

No - unfortunately we are currently only able to offer delivery within the United Kingdom

How long will my order take to arrive?

Standard Delivery takes 2-3 working days. Items ordered with Express Delivery will be delivered the next working day.

All orders received before 12 noon will be despatched the same day 

We do not despatch any orders on weekends or public holidays - orders received on these days will be despatched the next working day.

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What is your Return Policy?


If you're not satisfied with the goods you’ve purchased through the Grand Trunk website, you can return or exchange your goods within 30 days of purchase. Visit our returns page for more information


How does your warranty work?

We stand behind the quality of our goods, but know some of you journey hard - so we’ve got you covered. Our lifetime guarantee ensures that you get the most out of your gear in the event that a manufacturing defect keeps you from getting out there and living. If you’ve got a problem, follow our warranty claims process and we’ll get you back on the road. Note if you purchased your items somewhere else, items purchased at a third party or reseller are subject to their warranty policy.

Visit our warranty page for more information.


Why should I use Trunk Straps?

Trunk Straps offer more versatility in your hammock experience with 20 total feet of straps (10 feet per strap), 36 loop adjustment points, and 1" wide webbing for tree protection. They allow greater distance between anchor points, as well as an ability to fasten to a variety of different anchors including trees, vehicle racks, posts, boulders, boat masts, and more. You also won’t need to tie and untie any knots, reducing hammock setup and takedown time to a matter of minutes.

How big are your hammocks?

Our hammocks are measured carabiner to carabiner, not just the length of the fabric, because the length of the carabiner and attachment points are important factors for comfort! 

For our most popular hammocks:

  • Double hammocks are 10’6” long and 6’6” wide, making it wide enough for two people to enjoy. 
  • Single-person hammocks are the same length and 5 feet wide.
  • TrunkTech hammocks are 11' long. 

Please make sure to check the spec page of the hammock you're interested in as each hammock is different.

What's the difference between Single and Double hammocks?

Double-sized hammocks are not necessarily meant for two people - double the size means a wider hammock! There's plenty of room to make yourself a makeshift "cocoon" or to just stretch out. Some of our customers sleep diagonally in hammocks, and the extra width of a double hammock is perfect for this.

Single hammocks aren't as wide as a double, but that doesn't mean they're not just as great! Some people prefer not to have as much extra fabric around them. These hammocks are most definitely suited to only one person.

How do I wash my hammock?

We recommend hand-washing your hammock in cold water with a gentle soap or detergent - even dish soap would work!

Always air dry any of our products to preserve the integrity of the fabric and stitching to ensure your product lasts for years to come!

Which hammocks come with straps?

Both the Double Deluxe Hammock and the ROVR Hanging Chair come with a pair of straps.

Where can I find more information on Hammocking?

While the internet has a plethora of information on hammocking, we’ve made it easy for you to find all the tips and tricks you need for the perfect adventure on ourblog page. Find out how to pack light, hang tight, and get out there from one adventurer to another.


Can I buy replacement parts to fit my old Alite chair?

Due to a change in manufacturers and updated specifications to the current product, we unfortunately can’t guarantee that our parts will be compatible with your old chair. As a consequence, we are currently unable to provide any individual replacement parts in order to fix your broken chair.


How do i wash my Hooded Travel Pillow?

Just throw it in with the rest of your laundry! Your Hooded Travel Pillow is machine washable for a fast and easy clean. Toss it in the wash with your favorite laundry soap then hang to dry.

How do I set up the Skeeter Beeter XT?

You'll first want to hang the hammock as normal, then you can move on to setting up the bug netting.

First, insert the spreader bars into the sleeves on each end of the netting.

Insert one of the included ropes up through the bottom of the larger hole of the knotless cord lock system located on each end of the spreader bar sleeves, then insert the same rope down into the smaller hole.

Wrap the rope around the object you chose to hang your hammock from, then repeat this process with the tab on the other side of the spreader bar. Repeat this process with the knotless cord lock tabs on the opposite end of the hammock.

It is very important to make the netting much looser than you think you'll need to avoid the netting or cord lock tabs from malfunctioning.

You can always make adjustments to the tension if needed.

From there, you're good to go! If you're more of a visual learner, check out our video guide on setting up this product.

How do I set up my Air Bivvy All Weather Shelter?

First, check out our video guide on setting up the Skeeter Beeter XT Hammock.

To set up the accompanying Hexfly, you'll need to set up one of the ropes on each end of your Hexfly by wrapping the rope around the same object your hammock is hanging from. You can secure it with the adjustable clip at the end of the rope.

Next, attach your aluminum ground stakes to the remaining four anchor points on the Hexfly. Insert your ground stakes into the ground, then loop the rope attached to the Hexfly around the stake. You can tighten this as needed with the included cord lock system.

From there, you're good to go! If you're more of a visual learner, check out our video guide on setting up this product.

How do I set up the Abrigo Rainfly?

Setting this product up is very similar to the Hexfly included with the Air Bivy All-Weather Shelter. You can check out our video guide here.

First, you'll need to set up one of the ropes on each end of your Abrigo Rain Fly by wrapping the rope around any supporting object - this could be anything from a tree to the bike rack on top of your car! You can secure it with the adjustable clip at the end of the rope.

Next, attach your aluminum ground stakes to the remaining two anchor points. Insert your ground stakes into the ground, then loop the rope attached to the Abrigo Rain Fly around the stake. You can tighten this as needed with the included cord lock system.

How do I set up the Hangout Hammock Stand?

First, lay the two straight pieces with the red GRAND TRUNK text on the ground parallel to each other.Next, attach the two L-shaped pieces to each end of the straight pieces. The end with the bend and small spreader bar should attach to the straight pieces.

Attach the four remaining straight pieces to the other end of the L-shaped pieces.

Finally, attach the U-shaped pieces on either end of the hammock stand to fully connect both sides of the stands. Hang your hammock from the included two-foot straps, and you'll be ready to go!


We're happy to answer any and all of your questions.