We stand by our gear and strive to make the best products possible for every adventure. We are committed to creating quality goods and providing outstanding customer service


If you need to return an unused item that was purchased in the last 30 days, please visit our Returns Page.

Our gear knows no boundaries, but because some of you journey hard, we’ve got you covered with our Lifetime Guarantee. We’ll replace any Grand Trunk item with notable manufacturing defects. Items eligible for a warranty claim must fit the following criteria:


Grand Trunk will repair or replace any manufacturing defect on all of our products free of charge with proof of purchase. A manufacturing defect exists if the product departs from its intended design. Defective materials (zippers, buckles, fabrics, etc.) or workmanship (seams, construction, etc.) are covered by the Grand Trunk Lifetime Guarantee for the lifetime of the product. Grand Trunk and its partners have sole discretion to determine manufacturing defects.


The term Lifetime refers to the lifetime of the product. Unfortunately, this doesn’t mean your lifetime or ours, but rather the lifetime of the components, fabrics and materials. While we choose the very best materials available to make our products as durable as possible, all materials degrade over time with use and exposure to the elements and a product’s lifetime is a function of how much use it gets and how well it is cared for and not by how old it is.

Grand Trunk reserves the right to apply the warranty process, with our #1 concern being to serve the customer in a sustainable way.

Again, hammocks have a lifespan. When yours has bit the dust, consider upcycling it into something equally handy and saving it from the landfill.

If you're unsure if your product will qualify for our warranty program, please see the disclaimer below the warranty submission form.



We will do our best to process your warranty claim within 30 business days. 

To initiate a Warranty Claim, please fill out the following form:

Warranty Disclaimer

Grand Trunk and its partners have sole discretion to determine manufacturer defects.

Damage due to wear and tear is not covered.

Lost or stolen items are not covered.

Warranty claims will only be approved by Grand Trunk and its partners if the product was purchased from an
authorised dealer.

This warranty is limited to the lifetime of your Grand Trunk product, as limited by or subject to applicable law.

The warranty provided by Grand Trunk only covers manufacturing defects, it does not include any damage or defect of any Grand Trunk products caused by, whether directly or indirectly, any of the following:

  1. Improper use or misuse of the product;
  2. Damage or defect caused by cleaning, disassembly, alterations, or modifications
  3. Damage or defect caused by or resulting from abuse, fire, animals
  4. Wear and tear.

If you believe you have a defective product and desire to make a warranty claim, please fill out the form above and enter your warranty details.

Alternatively, if you purchased your Grand Trunk product from an authorised Grand Trunk retailer, please contact the authorised Grand Trunk retailer that you purchased your Grand Trunk product from to make a warranty claim - this will help you avoid unnecessary shipping and handling charges and delays.

Please note your warrantied item will be replaced by the same size and colour product. If the size and colour are no longer available, it will be replaced by one of similar size and colour and will not be of lesser SRP value.

Unfortunately, replacement products under warranty cannot be customized. If you have a product with a custom logo, we are not able to screen-print the artwork on your returned product (sorry).

Please note that the claims process could take up to 30 days. You will receive a confirmation email once the product has been processed for a warranty exchange.

Those that have purchased custom products will not get a custom product sent to them under our
warranty replacement policy.

In no event shall Grand Trunk be liable or responsible for any damage, loss, cost, or expense, including incidental or consequential damages.

All of the above does not affect your statutory consumer rights, under the Consumer Rights Act 2015.